Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sony eReader Giveaway!

Hi all!

It's been a while since I blogged but I have some very exciting news. Have you ever wanted an eReader so you can take those great ebooks with you wherever you go? Well here's your chance! I'm proud to be a sponser of the Fall eReader Giveaway with The Wild Rose Press. If you purchase one of my titles or one of the titles from any of the other sponsoring authors you are eligible to win. All you have to do is send a copy of the order number, the title purchased and the date it was purchased to

To find out more click the sony image to the right. Don't miss your chance to win!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Interested in a freebie? My Scarlet Rose Petal, Better Late Than Never is up at The Wilder Rose Press. I absolutely loved writing this one, and although it's short I believe it packs just the right amount of punch.
Marcus Reed has bailed firecracker, Celia Collins out of trouble since childhood. With her abrupt and newly single status, Celia tries to douse her combustible mood at the local pub and he’s forced to rescue her again. Tempers flare and secret passions ignite…now when Celia falls will Marcus catch her?
Must be 18 and over. Check it out for FREE! Just click the cover image for the link.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

31 Sultry Scarlet Nights

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It's Hot in August in the Garden.

If you love Erotic Romance, join the Scarlet Rose authors for
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Each day two downloads from the Wilder Roses catalog will be given away. Check the calendar in the Wilder Roses yahoo loop to see which title will be given away on a select day.

For your first chance to win, stop by the Wilder Roses blog and post a comment on the day's topic.

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Each night two winners will be drawn, one from those who commented on the blog and another from those who posted on the loop during that day.

Everyone who participated throughout the month will be entered automatically in a drawing for the Grand Prize, a
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It's easy to enter for the daily giveaways and the grand prize. Your participation will automatically enter you

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Christmas In July Contest with Sky Purington

If you're interested in winning a copy of my short erotic, The Awakening or a copy of my short Paranormal, Reflections, then stop on by Sky Purington's Blog for her Christmas In July contest. She's giving away something every day, so if you like free stuff, head on over!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HOT READ--Hired Hands by Wendi Darlin

Last week I had the pleasure of reading Wendi Darlin's explosive erotic novella, Hired Hands. At 34 pages one might think it would be hard to pull off well-developed characters, create an emotional connection, and in the process spin an erotic tale that leaves you breathless and satisfied but Ms. Darlin did all of the above in this erotic short.

I must admit until Hired Hands I've never read a cowboy story (I know, shame on me) but now I find myself looking for more. If you're interested in taking a walk on the wildside, eager to know what it would be like sandwiched between two drop-dead gorgeous cowboys for one pleasure-filled night of scorching sex, then you must read Hired Hands.


Forty-two year old, Nora Lambert struggles daily to keep the family ranch running smoothly and has learned to rely on young, sexy Cole Shanahan. It’s been eighteen months since her husband passed, and the loneliness is killing her. More and more often, her sexual fantasies include Cole, but he hasn't shown any interest in her.

Out of respect for her late husband, Cole has denied his attraction to Nora. Until his identical twin, Jesse, makes a move that Cole never dared. Finding the woman he wants in his brother’s arms spurs Cole into action. He's willing to let Nora have both him and his brother. Once. Then he's staking his claim.

Buy Now

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Hot Author To Watch For

Well get out your blue jeans baby, it's gonna be a rough ride.



Rebecca swore under her breath. How hard is it to put a piece of luggage on the corresponding flight? Isn’t that what all those obnoxious paper tags are for? She waited for the carousel to make one more round and tried to convince herself she wasn’t stalling. She glanced again at the full-color glossy brochure for Fantasy Ranch gripped in her hand. She was out of her mind alright. And she was definitely stalling.

Maybe Melinda was right about the cowboys, and the ones on the website were just models used for advertising the place. The real ones probably had scraggly beards, three front teeth and hands so callused they’d tear a girl’s skin to pieces.

“Where are you going?”

She didn’t have to look up. The pointed toes of his boots and faded denim that traveled up from there gave the speaker away. A cowboy.

“Crazy apparently,” Rebecca said without making eye contact, focusing again on the brochure. What in the hell had she been thinking spending a small fortune for such a load of crap? She was on her way to the nuthouse alright, and getting there fast.

“I’m headed there myself,” Cowboy said in an obvious attempt at a joke. “I’ll give you a ride.”

He sounded friendly enough, but she didn’t feel like being hit on. She glanced up to tell him so, but was too blindsided to remember what smart-alecky comeback she’d planned to use. Melinda had been right about one thing. If she had to go crazy, he’d definitely be the one to go with.

“Are you Rebecca?” His dark blond hair hung to his chin in silky strands that begged to have fingers dragged through them, and his eyes could melt a girl.

A flush crept over her. No false advertising there. He was even more gorgeous in person. Her stomach did a somersault. What had she been thinking? She couldn’t go through with this. He was hot enough to sway a nun, and he was just the driver. How in the hell was she going to keep her horny hands to herself for a week? Or more to the point, how would she keep them off herself.

The cowboy held her stare and a slow easy smile spread across his face. Her head defogged enough to remember he’d asked her if she was Rebecca, and she hadn’t had the whereabouts to answer him. He spoke before she could twist her tongue around an answer.

“I’ll take that as a yes. I’m Gavin. Let me get this,” he said, reaching for her carry-on and easily hoisting the bag over his shoulder. “You don’t travel this light do you?”

“Gavin?” she managed. “Gavin Carter?”

“You did your homework,” he said with a smile. “I did too. Rebecca Ryder, thirty-two, biotech consultant from South Carolina.”

He summed her up like a bio off a dating site and his appearance was enough to shake her to the core, broad athletic shoulders v-ing down to narrow hips, long muscular legs and a rugged beauty that took her breath away. She forced air into her lungs. No man was going to take her breath away. That’s not what she had flown across the country for.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome To Eden is raking in fantastic reviews

Hey all! Well, Welcome To Eden is getting some fantastic reviews and I'd just like to share the links with you all. Hope you have time to check them out.

Whipped Cream Reviews 5 cherries for Welcome To Eden "Rynne Raines has created a winner with this short story that left me wanting more, if only to get more of a taste of the heat generated between Caitlyn and Evan. My only complaint… I wanted MORE! I just fell in love with these characters and Rynne Raines has become someone to watch for. Her skillful blending of humor, heat and the beginnings of a relationship are more than enough for me to wholly recommend Welcome to Eden as a hot, intense and quick read." --Reviewer Viscaria

Simply Romance Reviews An Outstanding Read Review "BDSM stories can put off readers and few authors can manage the razor blade between titillating the reader and offending them. Ms. Raines is one of those that does it and does it well. If you enjoy a little spice to your erotica, you’ll like Welcome to Eden."
~Reviewed by Stephanie

Night Owl Romance 4/5 hearts "This will definitely have you wiggling in your seat wanting more. I would definitely look into other stories written by Ms. Raines."--Diana

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Check Out Sensual

I'm helping to spread the word about the newly redesigned website Sensual. If you like your romance novels on the steamy side, you'll love this site. It's full of reviews, interviews, excerpts, information on the newest print and ebooks and lots more. You can even win books and other goodies. So check it out.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hi everyone, on Thursday, May 8th CATA will be hosting a huge Delurking bash and giving away tons of free stuff. There is supposed to be 50 authors, (Including myself) from various publishers there to promote their work and give away loads of freebies. If you're in the neighbourhood and get a free second to take a gander, I will be there from 2pm eastern until at least 3. Hope you can drop by and say hello! Here's the link: CATA PARTY

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reflections released today!

Hey all! I'm so excited. My first Faery Rose released today and I'm over the moon about it. I do hope you enjoy it! Click here and buy a copy today!
What is an untamable rake to do after being cursed to suffer a fate unknown to man; to experience solitude in the deepest sense of the word? Watch and wait.
As a silent observer in a world he is no longer part of, Rykel Deveau has entertained himself by becoming engrossed in the lives of the living. Society has changed in two hundred years—more importantly, women have changed.
Now, over two centuries later, Rykel finds himself forced to share his living quarters with the most unusual female he has ever come across, sensual artist, Danica Lovel. Between the woman's hideous tattered bathrobe and unsightly pink slippers, he should be appalled, yet bizarrely, he finds himself strongly drawn to her. He wants her. The problem is, she has no idea he exists.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Meet Rykel Deveau

Hello Readers,

My name is Rykel Vincent Deveau however, I have been given several other titles over time—legendary lover, untamable rake, the master of seduction…but you darling, may use whichever you wish.

Adventure and women, is there possibly a more beautiful combination? Ah, I'm glad you agree. That is what persuaded me to begin documenting every one of my sexual exploits in a personal journal until the night my rakish ways brought a blasted curse down upon my head to suffer like no man has ever known—to experience solitude in the deepest sense of the word.

Two centuries have past and here I find myself trapped in a house with a bloody mad woman. Her attire is hideous beyond anything ones imagination might concoct and on top of that, she sits in night and day pining away over a man who didn't deserve her attentions in the first place. I'm nearly at my wits end. Of course it wouldn't bother me so much if I weren't drawn to her in such a bizarre way. Oh, I want her. The only problem is, she has no idea I exist.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reflections Coming April 30th

Hey all! I've got another release coming this month and thought I'd drop a tidbit. I'll be posting an excerpt on Friday but if you can't wait until then visit Enjoy!

What is an untamable rake to do after being cursed to suffer a fate unknown to man; to experience solitude in the deepest sense of the word? Watch and wait.

As a silent observer in a world he is no longer part of, Rykel Deveau has entertained himself by becoming engrossed in the lives of the living. Society has changed in two hundred years—more importantly, women have changed.

Now, over two centuries later, Rykel finds himself forced to share his living quarters with the most unusual female he has ever come across, sensual artist, Danica Lovel. Between the woman's hideous tattered bathrobe and unsightly pink slippers, he should be appalled, yet bizarrely, he finds himself strongly drawn to her. He wants her. The problem is, she has no idea he exists.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My FIRST review for Welcome To Eden!!

I don't normally blog this often but I had to announce my first review for Welcome To Eden. I think most writers can relate to the anticipation when awaiting the first review on a new story. Regardless of whether we believe our work is up to par or not there is always the question in the back of our minds on whether or not our work will be reciprocated postively and with open arms. So this was a very big day for me. :)

If you'd like to read the view here's the link:

Friday, April 11, 2008

NEW RELEASE! Welcome To Eden Out Today!

I'm proud to announce my second Scarlet Rosette Welcome To Eden released today--an erotic short. Like it HOT? *wink* Then you've come to the right place! WARNING: Naughty Excerpt.

Check it out at:

"Come here," Evan said from across the room.

She could think of no better time to test his limits than now. "What if I say no?"

Something in those midnight eyes sparked and sent a chill through her right before they narrowed.


"That's what I said." Defiant, she met his stare.

He arched a brow and then crossed the room to stand toe to toe with her. It still amazed her she had to look up at him. That rarely happened, especially when she wore heels, but somehow it made her feel surprisingly feminine. He lifted a hand slowly, slipped it to her nape and into her locks of blond that spilled down her back. His fist clenched and the pressure of his grip alone made her knees buckle. Regardless, she looked into his eyes, unwilling to back down. This aroused him, she could tell, and more than anything, she wanted him turned on as much as she was.

He started forward until for the second time this evening he backed her to the wall. His rock-hard cock rubbed against her lower abdomen and she imagined what it would feel like when he filled her, stretched her, pounded her….

"Let me tell you something, sweetheart." She gasped as his hands went to her shoulders and locked her in a solid hold. "In this room, I don't take no for an answer."

He spun her and she found herself trapped between his massive frame and the wall. Before she could say another word, he had her wrists pinned above her head in one hand while the other worked expertly on the zipper of her dress. The latex came down in one hard yank to expose her scantily clad body. The rush of excitement overwhelmed her as she tested his strength and tried to pull free. He didn't budge an inch. She arched against him but his knee jutted forward between her legs and held her in place. He barely had to rock his leg to earn her harsh moan of approval.

"Someone's a naughty girl. I knew you'd like that."
His arrogance only fueled her desire. How was it that this stranger knew exactly what she wanted, needed, when no other man had even come close to driving her this wild?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two New Releases Coming In April

Hi all! Along with the sweet smell of summer just around the corner, this year April is important to me for another reason. I've got 2 new releases coming out! My short Erotic, Welcome To Eden releases April 11th. I thought I'd post a tid-bit on here to celebrate. Enjoy!


Within the walls of Eden, temptation rules and anything goes….

Psychiatrist, Caitlyn Ward never imagined setting foot inside the hottest fetish club in Los Angeles until the day a patient’s concerns about sexual desires went beyond her expertise. Now, determined to uncover the answers needed to alleviate her patient’s mind, Caitlyn ventures into a world of dark and forbidden pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.


"The woman belongs to me." Caitlyn jumped at the low growl that sounded behind her. When the young man's grip loosened, she instinctively turned. As she slammed into a wall of rock-hard muscle, the liquid bounced from her glass and splashed across the second stranger's shirt. She cringed and looked up. One jet-black brow slashed above a similar colored midnight eye while he glanced from her to his now wet clothes. Caitlyn swallowed. He didn't look pleased. Nor would she expect him to after she had doused him with a full drink. She continued to stare, taking in his massive size.

"Sorry, Mr. Chambers," the first stranger said, "she ate all the fruit. Sorry honey, I didn't know." He stepped back, hands held up in a defensive gesture, and moved on.

Mr.Chambers? Fruit? Huh? She really should have stopped after number three on the martinis. Did the second one say she belonged to him? Caitlyn turned back and gave him a quick once over. His strong jaw remained locked in a fierce scowl while those dark eyes surveyed her carefully. The long-sleeved navy blue shirt stretched across his broad shoulders defined all the taut corded muscle perfectly. Nice tan, too, probably lived somewhere near the beach. And that chest…wow. Without a doubt, he had to be the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on, and thanks to the liquid courage, she didn't even feel embarrassed oogling him like he were a slice of New York cheesecake. Well, if she had to belong to someone, it might as well be to a man who looked like a Roman God….

You had to have those extra martini's!

Caitlyn winced at the voice of reason in her head and cleared her throat. "I'm sorry but you must have me mistaken for someone else. I don't belong to anyone."

"Of course you don't. Evan Chambers. Eden is my club," he said smoothly in a tone rich as Kaluha. Her eyes automatically closed while his creamy voice tingled in her ears. It didn't help her concentration that he smelled fantastic, too, like sandalwood and pure man. She gave herself a mental shake and opened her eyes. Now, he stared at her impatiently, his brow arched even higher.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Caitlyn." She held out her hand but he didn't seem at all interested in shaking it.

"Take a walk with me, sweetheart. There are some rules you might want to know about this club and I can't stand being sticky. I need a new shirt.”

Stay tunes ladies, I will be posting excerpts from my second releases closer to the end of the month. :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Donna Marie Rogers Joins the Egg-cerpt Exchange

Title: There's Only Been You
Author: Donna Marie Rogers
Price: $6.00
Coming Soon from The Wild Rose Press!

Sara glanced over her shoulder when the screen door opened. Mike. The pan she'd been drying fell from her hands and clattered to the floor.

"We need to talk."

"Where's Garrett?" she asked, attempting to peer around his broad shoulders. She tried not to make eye contact with him. As long as she didn't look him directly in the eye, she'd be able to maintain her composure.

"You've always put him on a goddamn pedestal." She bent over to pick up the pan. "Don't you dare say anything unkind about him."

"He's a pain in the ass."

Sara shot him a look. "He's not the only one."

A slow smile curved his lips. "Now there's the Sara I know and love."

"Don't you dare throw that word around. If you loved me we wouldn't be in this situation." A surge of emotion tightened her chest, and she silently cursed herself for letting him get to her.

Hands on his hips, Mike sighed. "Look, I know you have every reason to believe that, but it's just not true. I've loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you."

She paused. God, how she wanted to believe him. But if he'd truly loved her as he claimed, he'd never have been able to stay away for so long. She swallowed past the lump in her throat and reached into the drainer for something else to dry.

"All right, I'm done playing. Come on, we're going for a ride." Mike reached out and grasped her elbow.

"I'm not going anywhere with you," she said, yanking her arm free. "If you want to talk, we'll talk, but we're doing it right here." She tossed the dishtowel on the counter and crossed her arms over her chest.

"You either follow me to my truck or I'll throw you over my shoulder and carry you there. But one way or another, we're taking a ride."

She gasped. "If you touch me I'll scream bloody murder."

"Then I guess I'll have to gag you as well." He took a step toward her. She took a step back.

"You stay the hell away from me." She took another step back and bumped into the table. "Not a chance. I made that mistake once, I won't make it again."
~There's Only Been You By Donna Marie Rogers

Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Egg-cerpts!

Title: Sex, Lies and DVDs
EbookAuthor: Lynne Logan
Price: $3.00
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Now


Chapter 1

Ryan White tried not to stare. He really did. But he was a man, and she was so damn sexy. More importantly, she was in the process of taking off her clothes.

From his desk in the living room, he watched one of three black and white monitors from the surveillance cameras hidden in Paige Knowles place. For two weeks now, he'd been staking out her house. The Bureau didn't consider her the simple owner of a small, online video store. They suspected her of being involved in an internet piracy ring in Phoenix . From what Ryan had seen, he didn't believe it.

But he had to prove her innocence. He'd managed to get the cameras inside her home, but hadn't yet had the time to search for any incriminating evidence. Soon, though, he'd figure out a way.

He took a deep swallow from his beer, but the drink didn't sooth the thirst and anticipation burning through his body.

Eleven-thirty and right on schedule.

In her master bedroom, Paige walked to her bed and unbuttoned her blouse with slow, sure movements, making him wonder how capable those same hands would be on his own body. No doubt, they'd be just as deft as they danced and stroked his flesh. He shifted in the office chair, unable to control the hunger pooling in his groin.

She tossed back her dark hair with a jerk of her chin before shrugging out of the sleeves and dropping the shirt on her bed to reveal a black bra that cupped round, full breasts. Damn, they were a perfect size for his hands.

Next, she pulled off her jeans. The denim slipped over her lush hips and settled to the ground around her ankles. She stepped from them on lean, incredibly long legs that looked strong enough to wrap around his hips and bind him to her.

When she reached around to unhook her bra, Ryan swallowed with difficulty and swiveled his chair away from the desk and the screen. Conscious of her vulnerability, he looked away in a valiant effort to afford her some privacy. Each evening as she got ready for the night, he'd found himself drawn to the screen like some perverted voyeur. Every single time, he gave in to his sickness and savored every tantalizing glimpse of her naked body.

Tonight Ryan lasted a full minute before he caved.

He rolled his chair back around and stared at the monitor.

Oh, shit.

Ryan jerked up in his chair and set his beer on the desk with a loud thump.

Naked. Every glorious inch.

Lynne Logan


Hi everyone, to get into the groove with Easter here's an egg-cerpt from a very talented author, Anita Pilmar!

Title: Black Dragon's Blood
ISBN: 1- 60154 – 232 - 1
Author: Anita Philmar
Price: $4.50
At The Wild Rose Press


She stood toe to toe with him, aware that his height gave the man adistinct advantage. His close proximity sent tingles of awarenessracing over her skin. "But we're not married."

"We soon will be." His hands settled around her waist.

Swallowing the wet need gathering on her tongue, she quickly tried tothink of a way to work her way out of the current situation. "I don'tthink you understand, William. I don't want to marry you."

"You will."His arrogant statement hit her in the gut. She had no recourse. Thelaw wouldn't protect her. After the last war, the government hadgranted men with dragon slayer ancestors any mate of their choosing,a prize for gaining the country its freedom. If he wanted her as hiswife, she couldn't turn him down. But she might be able to get him torethink his plans.

"But why would you want to marry me?"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter blues wreaking havoc with your writing?

I probably should have written this at the beginning of winter but it's just sinking in now. With spring on quick approach, good old winter will soon be a faded chilly memory for a few months, at least where I live. I'm glad to say that now, the creative juices are flowing and my fingers are flying across the key board. I was wondering though, does anyone else think that the season can have a serious affect on your writing?

Here during winter, the sun barely peeks out from behind the clouds once a week. Over the season I noticed that my moods are different, my writing slow, and my creativity resevior completely drained. Some of my friends ask, "Why would it bother you, you're in doors during the summer months too?"

True, I am in doors alot of the time but I do have a large picture window at my back and a beautiful park across the way. In the summer months it's filled with people, walking their dogs, pushing baby strollers, and the sound of children playing. During the winter months it's like the plague hit and there's no one left on the planet.

So the truth for me is, winter can be depressing. The roads are covered in snow, dirt and sand, and most people spend alot more time indoors. One thing I do in the winter is take vitimin B. This makes up for the sun lose. I eat more vegetables and try to still exersise, wether it be at the pool, on a tredmill in doors. Exercise is always good to get the creativity flowing. If that still doesn't work, I take a step back and let my work simmer.

Anyone else have little tricks to keep the writing flowing during the winter months? Drop a comment, I'd love to know!