Thursday, September 25, 2014


After a two year hiatus having my sweet baby daughter and then adjusting to family life, I'm back on the web with an exciting new Ero/BDSM release! Bondage and Bureaucracy will be available worldwide on 11/14/2014. Below I'll post the blurb and a link to the excerpt to whet your appetites. :-)

Blurb: After eight years married to the wrong man for all the wrong reasons, Fiona McBride is more than happy to sign on the dotted line, end the charade, and rediscover her penchant for kinky sex. She never thought the road to rediscovery would lead to her ex-husband's sexy political rival, Harrison Lancaster.

Harrison has promised his campaign manager he'll steer clear of the BDSM club until after the election, but when he runs into Fiona at a local cafe and starts fantasizing about taking the prim and proper debutante over his knee, he realizes abstinence is getting to him. Only a mad man would entertain the idea of sexually dominating his competition's vanilla ex-wife. When an old photo reveals she's not so straight-laced, he begins to wonder if it's possible to mix bondage and bureaucracy.

CLICK HERE to read an excerpt