Monday, August 3, 2009

Heading Off For Vacation

Off to the lake...yippeeee. Ten stress free days of nothing but fishing, eating, and visiting with family! Okay, well if you're a writer then you already know I just lied my tail off. Stress free? Hmm, wouldn't that be lovely. Vacations are normally a time to enjoy yourself, get away from work and responsibility, right?

Dare to dream, eh?

To tell you the truth, nothing stresses me out more than the week before I leave on vacation, and usually the first three days into one until I'm settled in. I'm sure some of you may agree that the thought of putting your unfinished manuscript on hold, along with marketing and edits can be quite stressful. But you can't let that stop you from enjoying a little down time.

I've discovered that I'm what they call an "over-analyst". Sounds pretty important and distinquished, right? Too bad being one tends to have my tummy tied and my mind working around the clock until I've worn myself out enough to actually sleep.

One would think this post would have an upside...err...and I'm trying to find one right now--oh yes, how to actually enjoy your vacation when you're an over-analyst. I'm not an expert but my answer is...Force It.

Most writers are overly critical and equally hard on themselves. Taking time for #1 is usually the last thing that comes to mind. But believe it or not, once in a while, it must be done.

I'm not saying that everyone is able to force themselves out of the house to enjoy life and take some well deserved R&R . However, regardless of how it happens, it's really nice once you get there.

If anyone has little tricks of their own on how you unwind and allow yourself a break, I'm all ears!