Friday, May 27, 2011

Home Stretch, Baby!

All right, so I'm still slacking on the blogging but I have a few decent excuses. I'm in edits with my latest in the Eden Saga, Legally Bound...I'm trying to finish my newest BDSM currently titled Political Ties and's bloody summer! I'm not sure how much you people know about summer in Alberta Canada but let me tell you, it's short as all hell. I mean SHORT.

Also, I quit smoking. Yeah, you heard me. 1 month/1 week/3 days. Christ, I'm a miserable-god-awful-shrew when I'm not smoking. Wow. It is a miracle that my husband hasn't divorced me yet. So yeah, the writing has been slow and the blogging even slower. Not to mention trying to keep up with this twitter, Facebook, and blog business isn't exactly something I excel least that's what I'm finding out. So please bear with the lack of consistency. I will get on top of it one day. I swear it!

Any other writers out there who've quit smoking? How do you deal with the anxiety, the lack of creativity, and the need for a distraction? Not to mention keep up exercising and eating healthy when you would much rather lay on the couch with an extra cheese pizza and a tub of ice cream?