Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter blues wreaking havoc with your writing?

I probably should have written this at the beginning of winter but it's just sinking in now. With spring on quick approach, good old winter will soon be a faded chilly memory for a few months, at least where I live. I'm glad to say that now, the creative juices are flowing and my fingers are flying across the key board. I was wondering though, does anyone else think that the season can have a serious affect on your writing?

Here during winter, the sun barely peeks out from behind the clouds once a week. Over the season I noticed that my moods are different, my writing slow, and my creativity resevior completely drained. Some of my friends ask, "Why would it bother you, you're in doors during the summer months too?"

True, I am in doors alot of the time but I do have a large picture window at my back and a beautiful park across the way. In the summer months it's filled with people, walking their dogs, pushing baby strollers, and the sound of children playing. During the winter months it's like the plague hit and there's no one left on the planet.

So the truth for me is, winter can be depressing. The roads are covered in snow, dirt and sand, and most people spend alot more time indoors. One thing I do in the winter is take vitimin B. This makes up for the sun lose. I eat more vegetables and try to still exersise, wether it be at the pool, on a tredmill in doors. Exercise is always good to get the creativity flowing. If that still doesn't work, I take a step back and let my work simmer.

Anyone else have little tricks to keep the writing flowing during the winter months? Drop a comment, I'd love to know!